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Four In the Fast Lane Flyball Teams

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What is Flyball and its History.

The dog sport of Flyball was created in the 1970s in California, USA, by a man called Herbert Wagner who decided that he wanted something different for the dogs in his club to do. Its basically a relay race for dogs where teams of 4 dogs race each other over 4 jumps operate a box and collect a ball before returning over the 4 jumps before the next dog in the team goes. The first team back with all 4 dogs wins. The sport really took off in the USA after Hebert Wagner appeared on an episode of the Tonight Show in the late 70s to demonstrate it. In the early 80's the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) was born and the very first flyball tournament in the world took place in Detroit, Michigan in 1983.


The British Flyball Association (BFA) was formed in 1993 are the regulatory body for Flyball here in the UK, although the Kennel Club also runs flyball in accordance with their rules and regulations. Most flyball in the UK, though, is BFA Flyball. The BFA also run their own Championships in August and every flyballer looks forward to that weekend immensely!

To run in a team both the dog and handler need to be registered with the BFA. If you have started with us or with another team and you have not already registered please follow the link below in order to download the appropriate form, or to get further information on flyball itself, or to find a team in your area.


UK Flyball League

This is a new third governing body set up in December 2017 with the aim of progressing flyball further.

World Records

There are two world records one for what is classed as a regular divisional team where all for dogs in a team can be of the same breed and a Multi Breed divisional team which can only have one dog of its breed type in the team. Needless to say both world records are held by North American teams since they have been doing things the longest.
The world record for the regular team belongs to a team called Touch n Go from Nevada and stands at 14.18 seconds.
The Multi Breed world record is held by a team called Rocket Relay from Toronto and was made up of a Malinois, Border Collie, Whippet, and a crossbreed. The record stands at 14.85 seconds. Our club record stands at 18.40 so we have a lot of catching up to do!

This video is of the Multi breed World Record.