Four In The Fast Lane Flyball Teams 
Estabilished June 2003
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Four In the Fast Lane Flyball Teams

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All the training is reward based and both motivational for both dog and handler; after all, your dog hasn't asked to be there however much fun he or she might discover flyball to be!

When you and your dog start training you will receive training in a group of no more than 4 with one instructor and senior helper at hand. We start the dogs off by using treats instead of a ball teaching them to jump properly one jump at a time. We teach the dogs to turn on a training chute first then gradually introduce the dogs to the flyball box and faze out the treats for tennis balls. The dogs are only moved from the chute to the box once they have learnt to do what is called a 'swimmers turn' where the dog is using and getting all 4 paws on the chute at the same time turning and pushing off the chute with their hind legs. Once your dog has got to grips with all that we then run the dogs as a little team teaching them all the crossover and changes work getting them used to running on to the dog in front.

Once you and your dog have learned the basics, and have taken part in a Starter Tournament or two, you will move onwards and upwards, refining your dog's training and running with the teams in practice sessions until one day before you know it - there you are running in division.

Don't think it will ever happen? Don't you believe it! It doesn't matter if you are running for fun, or want to compete every weekend, or only compete on the odd occasion, one day you might find yourself in a team ready to race!