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Estabilished June 2003
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Four In the Fast Lane Flyball Teams

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Poppy was her owner Sam's first ever dog and loved nothing better than her tennis ball and water. As well as exceling in Flyball she also won many Dash'n'Splash titles. Poppy started her flyball career with us before due to Sam moving running for Four Paws Racing where she gained her Silver award before returning to the team in June 2016. Sadly just 10 days after competing with the team at Paws In The Park in September 2016 Poppy fell ill and was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away a few days later.

Taz (Dog on the right)

Taz was Eileen's first flyball dog and was a founder member of the team in 2003. His favourite place to run was last and look over to the dog in the other lane as if to say "your not going to beat me" and out race the dog in the other lane. When Taz retired from Flyball he still loved to work for Eileen in obedience and cheer Eileen's other dog Rosie on from the sidelines. Sadly due to failing ill health Taz was put to sleep in August this year.


Was a 16 year old border collie cross who learnt to do flyball at the age of 9 years and was Claire's first real flyball dog. She was a rescue dog from Battersea who was found wandering down the great north road in Islington and took the RSPCA and the Met police 3 months to catch her. Outside of flyball her favourite hobby was to bugger off on our local common and go and interrupt Wimbledon FC training and play in goal for them! She became the oldest dog ever to compete at the BFA Summer Championships in 2010 when aged 15. Sadly just a few months after she was retired she passed away aged 16.


Pip was a small, shy GSD/Collie cross who was abandoned on a dual carriageway in 2000 and was found by the people who became her legal owners. Although she never got to play flyball, she was the teams founding dog and the team was named for where she was found. She did love agility though, and thoroughly enjoyed it until a genetic condition called PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) forced her to stop. However, using her nose to track things took over and she thoroughly enjoyed her life with her big brother Ben and later her surrogate son Woody. Pip died aged 15 and a half on Christmas Eve 2013 and is still much missed. Her memory lives on through the flyball team that she founded.