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Four In the Fast Lane Flyball Teams

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 The Dogs

The dogs are all different breeds and sizes as you can see. When the dogs run in open competitions they earn points for each race that the team completes and earn milestone awards from the British Flyball Association. The awards points tally breaks down as follows:

Flyball Dog = 200 points

Flyball Dog Intermediate = 1000 points

Flyball Dog Graduate = 5000 points

BFA Silver Award = 10,000 points

BFA Gold Award = 15,000 points

BFA Ice Blue Moon Award = 20,000 points

BFA Platinum Award = 25,000 points

BFA Pearl Award = 30,000 points

BFA Jade Award = 35,000 points

BFA Chica Chicana Award = 40,000 points

BFA Saphire Award = 50,000 points

BFA Diamond Award = 60,000 points

BFA Opal Award = 70,000 points

BFA Topaz Award = 80,000 points

BFA Belle Star Award = 90,000 points

BFA Emerald Award = 100,000 points


Melchet or Mellie to his friends is a 6 year old lurcher who does Flyball on his terms.

Current flyball points total as of at 31/07/2017 = 14145


FD = 28/01/2012

FDI = 16/08/2013

FDG = 28/04/2014

FDA = 30/08/2015

BFA Silver Award = 18/09/16


Bella is a 5 year old Labradoodle known affectionately by the team as Doughnut for her soft and silly nature.

Current flyball points total as of at 31/07/17 = 11380


FD = 14/04/2012

FDI = 21/07/2012

FDG = 03/08/2013

FDA = 27/04/2014

BFA Silver Award = 28/08/2016


Willow is a 6 year old Border Collie x Whippet rescue who due to her ill treatment and lack of trust in people took 2yrs to train to do Flyball but now there is no holding her back in fact we have to play the catch Willow game to get her back.

Current flyball points total as of at 31/07/2017 = 20945


FD = 04/05/2013

FDI = 21/07/2013

FDG = 12/10/2013

FDA = 12/07/2014

BFA Silver Award = 22/08/2015

BFA Gold Award = 20/08/2016

BFA Ice Blue Moon Award = 10/06/2017


Charlie is a 10 year old crossbreed rescue who when he has finished racing likes nothing better than to go and lie down in the paddling pool straight away.


Riley is a 6 year old blue merle Border Collie who lives with Charlie. Other than flyball or eating car seat belts his other favourite hobby is to go off exploring by himself.

Current Bfa points total as of at 21/03/2018:


FD: 04/05/13

FDI: 21/07/13

FDG: 04/01/14

FDA: 18/05/14

BFA Silver Award: 14/06/15

BFA Gold Award: 18/06/16

BFA Ice Blue Moon Award: 30/05/17


Poppy is a 4 year old Sprollie whose favourite thing to do is bark her way up and down a flyball lane.

Current BFA points total as of at 21/03/18: 210


FD: 29/04/17


Adda is a crossbreed who has really come on in leaps and bounds this year

Current points total as of at 31/07/17 = 3085

Flyball Dog = 29/05/2016

Flyball Dog Intermediate = 17/07/2016

Flyball Dog Graduate = 21/07/17

Comet aka Mr Brown

Comet is a red and white Border Collie who is known in the team as Mr Brown.

Current points total as of at 31/07/17 = 37420

Flyball Dog = 18/07/2009

Flyball Dog Intermediate = 26/09/2009

Flyball Dog Graduate = 04/09/2010

Flyball Dog Advanced = 08/05/2011

Bfa Silver Award = 26/02/2012

Bfa Gold Award = 05/01/2013

Bfa Ice Blue Moon Award = 25/08/2013

Bfa Platinum Award = 02/08/2014

Bfa Pearl Award = 17/01/2016

Bfa Jade Award = 17/04/17

Luca is a two year old lurcher new to the team.

Buddy is a 9 year old crossbreed who started his open career this year.
Flyball Dog: 01/04/17
Flyball Dog Intermediate: 10/06/17 

Henry is a gsd x cairn terrier with a bit of something else mixed in. Henry has just started running in open this year. Current points total as of at 31/07/17 = 1365
Flyball Dog: 01/04/17
Flyball Dog Intermediate: 10/06/17

Millie is a Springer Spaniel cross who in her first open earnt over 200 points earning her first award in one go.
Current points total as of at 31/07/17 = 525
Flyball Dog: 19/02/17 


Maeve is an Irish Water Spaniel new to the team who funnily enough doesn't like water! Maeve took part in her very first open tournament in May and is one of only two Irish water spaniels competing in Flyball