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Four In the Fast Lane Flyball Teams

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What is flyball

Flyball is the fastest growing dog sport within the UK and through out the world.

The sport involves 4 to 6 dogs racing in a team of 4. Each dog must stride over 4 jumps and retrieve a ball from a flyball box at the bottom of the flyball lane. The dog must then return to the handler back over the jumps before the next dog is released. The next dog must pass just after the returning dog crosses the Start/Finish line. Effectively, the sport is a relay race for dogs.

The British Record was set in Newark in April 2017 by a team called Wow and stands at 15.15 seconds. The world record was also set in April 2014 and is held by a team called Touch'n'Go from Los Vegas, Nevada, USA, and stands at 14.182 seconds so we Brits have a way to go yet! See exactly how fast that is watch the video at the bottom of the page.


The British Flyball Association (BFA) are the regulatory body for Flyball here in the UK, although the Kennel Club also runs flyball in accordance with their rules and regulations. Most flyball in the UK, though, is BFA Flyball. The BFA also run their own Championships in August and every flyballer looks forward to that weekend immensely!

To run in a team both the dog and handler need to be registered with the BFA. If you have started with us or with another team and you have not already registered please follow the link below in order to download the appropriate form, or to get further information on flyball itself, or to find a team in your area.